About Project

Exploring the Works of Stanislaw Vincenz in the 21st century an interdisciplinary approach  

Principal Project Organisers

    • Union of Polish Writers Abroad in London (ZPPnO)
    • The Institute of European Culture at the Polish University Abroad in London (PUNO)
    • Faculty of Letters and the Institute of Polish Philology at the University of Wroclaw (UWr)
    • The Department of Artistic Education and Curatorship at the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznan (UAP)

Co-organisers of Selected Initiatives

    • All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy (Kiev)
    • Blue Point Art Gallery in London
    • Culture Lab Foundation
    • Haifa Interdisciplinary Unit for Polish Studies at the University of Haifa in Israel (UH)
    • The Carpathian Society (Warsaw)

Project Co-ordinators

    • Dr hab. Jan Andrzej Choroszy, UWr
    • Dr Justyna Gorzkowicz, PUNO and ZPPnO
    • Dr hab. Jakub Żmidziński, prof. UAP
stanislaw vincenz

Project Description

The launch of the project coincided with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Stanisław Vincenz, thus enabling it to be linked to the international academic conference, “Stanisław Vincenz — Czarnohora: Place and Non-place“, held in Krakow on 19—20 November, 2021. The project is aimed at a wide circle of interested parties: lovers of literature and Polish culture, connoisseurs and admirers of the works of Stanisław Vincenz, those interested in the multicultural aspects of Poland and the Hucul Region, observers of Polish-Ukrainian relations, and those researching the impact of events on Polish emigres. The realization of this project will enhance the impact of the dissemination of the works of Stanisław Vincenz, will introduce him to a multinational audience, and will help promote a positive image of Poland abroad. The execution of such wide-ranging objectives, conducted online, will actively engage Polish communities worldwide, especially those in Great Britain and Israel, and will project Poland as a crucible for multicultural dialogue which embraces the past and present.

The project includes the following:

    • Conducting individual research on Stanisław Vincenz’s works
    • The organisation of an international academic conference, entitled “Stanislaw Vincenz’s Homo Agens
    • The digitisation of the exhibition “Dialogue on Fate and Soul. Stanisław Vincenz (1888—1971)” — prepared by dr hab. Jan A. Choroszy — devoted to the works of Stanisław Vincenz; the creation of a website in three languages — Polish, Ukrainian and English; the production of three e-catalogues in three language versions.
    • The creation and presentation in three language versions — in the series “Vincenz Dialogues” — of audiovisual materials promoting the works of Stanisław Vincenz and the multicultural Hutsul Region
    • Development of the concept and preparation of the virtual exhibition “Vincenz Dialogues — Views” at the 3D Blue Point Art Gallery London and creation of the catalogue (e-book)
    • The preparation and editing of academic articles and resources documenting the results of the project, and the publication of a book


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