Educational exhibition

Dialogue on Fate and Soul

Stanisław Vincenz (1888—1971)

The author of the script and curator of the exhibition

dr hab. Jan Andrzej Choroszy

University of Wrocław


The curator of the English version of the exhibition

dr hab. Jakub Żmidziński, prof. UAP

University of the Arts in Poznań


Digitalisation of exhibition

dr Justyna Gorzkowicz

Blue Point Art Gallery, Polish University Abroad in London

Jarosław Solecki

Blue Point Art Gallery, Polish University Abroad in London

Małgorzata Witkowska

GMW,  Polish University Abroad in London

About exhibition

The exhibition, created according to a script prepared by dr hab. Jan Andrzej Choroszy, presents the most important phases in Stanisław Vincenz’s life and the main themes of his work. It resembles an essay: the story combines facts, images and photographs, reminiscences, opinions and fragments of texts. The backdrop to the narrative is comprised of photographs by the Italian ethnologist Lidio Cipriani from 1933 — some of the last images of the old Hutsul Region.

Documents and iconographic materials from the Vincenz family archives, the legacy of Lidio Cipriani and the collections of the Ossoliński National Institute, the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, the Polish Museum in Rapperswil, the Kultura Literary Institute Association in Le Mesnil-le-Roi and the Polish Library in London were used for the exposition.


The exhibition premiered in Wrocław in October 2014 as part of the Bruno Schulz Festival and the Vincenz Colloquium dedicated to the work of Stanisław Vincenz. Between 2015 and 2021, it was presented in 67 locations in Poland. The Ukrainian version of the exhibition, made on the initiative of Mykola Knyazhytsky, was first shown in November 2018 at the headquarters of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and was later exhibited in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv. The English-language version of the exhibition was initiated in 2021 by dr hab. Jakub Żmidziński, professor at the M. Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznań (UAP).

The trilingual London exhibition was realised in cooperation with the Union of Polish Writers Abroad (ZPPnO), the Institute of European Culture of the Polish University Abroad (PUNO) and Blue Point Art Gallery London as part of the international literary-research-exhibition project.


The virtual educational exhibition at Blue Point Art Gallery London moves the individual narrative boards of the exhibition “Dialogue on Fate and Soul. Stanisław Vincenz (1888—1971)” to the bookmarks of the website. The digitisation of the exhibition is an activity which expands the international character of humanistic research on Polish culture and literature, and in particular on the work of Stanisław Vincenz, organically connected with the Hutsul culture.

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